Tasting Notes:
Sticky Toffee
Milk Chocolate
8 smallholder producers
Buesaco, Nariño
Caturra and Colombia

Oh, Nariño. The high altitudes, unique microclimate, nutrient rich and well drained soils, and (of course) talented smallholder producers in this region consistently add up to some of our favourite coffees of the year. We roasted this community lot from Buesaco to highlight the chewy, sticky-toffee sweetness. With an extremely coating mouthfeel, and a long aftertaste, this coffee is comfy and rich, reminding us of poached cherries and sweet milk chocolate.

We sourced this coffee from Shared Source, a coffee green coffee agency buying coffee directly from producers in Colombia. This lot is a mix of 8 smallholder producers surrounding the community of Buesacos, Nariño. Sometimes, a farms’ production is too small to mill on its own or just tastes better when paired with other lots, and that’s how this carefully curated blend was developed. Tasting countless lots from the area, the talented folks at Shared Source select the components for this community lot, creating a profile of the municipality’s unique flavour. Due to the relative isolation of the area, most farmers don’t employ chemical inputs which are hard to bring in from far-away towns. As a result, most farmers employ regenerative practices such as retaining ground cover, and employing native shade trees and food crops throughout the farm. Processing follows tradition - hand picking and sorting of the ripest cherries, 18-20 hour fermentation in concrete tanks, followed by 10-15 days of drying on raised beds or patios.

This is our second harvest purchasing this community lot.

Colombia, Buesaco Pequeños