Tasting Notes:
Berry Jam
White Chocolate
Finca Aurora
Anaerobic” Washed (60-hour fermentation in low oxygen tanks)
La Fundadora, Jinotega


Fermentation, it’s a wonderful thing. While we usually think of kimchi or kombucha, fermentation can also be a valuable tool in coffee processing. This “anaerobic” lot from Tania Ferrufino’s farm is a perfect example. Right after harvest, the cherries were pulped) and then closed into airtight tanks for 60 hours. This oxygen-deprived environment creates completely different conditions, allowing for longer fermentations and for different types of microbes to play a role. The result is a more complex flavour profile and intense aroma, compared to traditional processes. We roasted this one to highlight the rich, syrupy sweetness and the delicious toasty waffle undertone, while preserving the berry acidity.

Beyond being delicious, this coffee comes from great people. I met Ryan Sull at the BC Aeropress Competition, and he’s truly one of the kindest people in the industry, dedicated to importing the most unique coffees from his home country of Nicaragua. Ryan met Tania Ferrufino through a friend of her brother Enrique, who also produces coffee in Jinotega. The Ferrufinos are young growers who believe in “uplifting and inspiring people through coffee”. As larger producers, they use their position in the community to support their neighbours by building affordable housing, funding education programs for local kids, and sharing their agrological knowledge and coffee processing skills with other local farmers.


This is rooftop coffee's second season purchasing this coffee from the Ferrufinos.

Nicaragua Tania Ferrufino - Anaerobic Washed