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Jayda Karsten

Mar. 21 to May 15, 2021


Jayda Karsten’s interdisciplinary artistic and curatorial practice investigates the spaces and places in the built environment that are in a state of flux. Drawn to the gaps and overlaps between Fine Art and Architecture, she explores her relationship within the built environment through processes such as: wayfinding, psychogeography, relational aesthetics, ethnography and autoethnography. By mining both personal and institutional collections she seeks to uncover layers of cultural and personal memory.

Jayda Karsten is an independent interdisciplinary artist, curator and architectural technologist who is drawn to the gaps and intersections between Fine Art and Architecture in the public realm. Her artwork has been exhibited at the Art Gallery of Alberta, Contemporary Calgary, and Banff Centre; and resides in the permanent collection of Los Angeles Contemporary Archives (LACA). She has independently and collaboratively curated exhibits for various institutions such as Calgary Board of Education, University of Calgary’s Kasian Gallery and various Artist-Run Centre’s. Her collaborations also include cofounded and served on the executive committees of Design Talks Institute (d.talks) and Building Equality in Architecture Calgary (BEAC).


Photo credit: Jessica McCarrel


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