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Plant Foster

Alyssa Ellis




Plant Foster

Plant Foster is a found object installation containing shared, abandoned and surrendered plants from across Calgary. Each plant has been collected, revived and labeled with the name of its former owner or rescuer and community it was found in. They now live cohesively in their foster home at Kaffeeklatsch where they are able to mature and grow in a safe environment.  



Alyssa Ellis is a Canadian artist based in Calgary, Alberta. She received a BFA from the Alberta College of Art + Design in 2014. Since completing a studio-based residency with the Bonnie McComb Kreye Studio and Calgary Allied Arts Foundation Alberta, she has embarked on a constant ongoing, revolving and dissolving love affair with botanical life forms. Alyssa and her plant collaborators work together, play together and by all means narrate together in order to further develop their complicated relationship. While multidisciplinary in nature, the experimental research of their stories fluctuates between textiles, drawing, performance and installation. She is a returning Expedition Leader for The Ayatana Artists’ Research Program who hosts an annual plant themed residency in Ottawa, Ontario and is currently studying Horticulture at Guelph University.


Photo credit: Jessica McCarrel

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