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Margo (Jill) Armstrong


November 28 - Jan. 22, 2022


Margo's exhibition entitled "Drift" revolves around a number of recent drawings and paintings that were recently developed as part of her journey in recovering from a Covid-19.

"I wanted to refocus my thoughts away from being infected with Covid and I just happened to start drawing that day, January 6th. The news was on TV behind me, because I was curious about that almost sacred American tradition that happens two weeks before the Inauguration of a new President, and how it might be affected by those who believe that the election was stolen. As the events evolved into an actual Insurrection, the growing hysteria of the participating citizens and the TV journalists who were narrating it was infused into my process and ended up in the drawing. I never touched it again after that day because it stands as the emotional record of a historical event."

Margo (Jill) Armstrong is a Calgary based multimedia artist and poet. She enjoys exploring materials, including found objects as well as more traditional artists materials. Her object-based work, including jewelry, is often a hybrid of found and repurposed fragments, and new materials. Her drawings are inventions based on inner images and activities. She has been actively involved in the local arts community for over 30 years, and currently is enjoying her 8th year on the board of EAR.


Photo credit: Jessica McCarrel


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