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Shawn Mankowske



As an abstract painter Shawn believes non-representational painting to be an exciting thought exercise. This fulfillment to him is parallel to the feeling of awe found in the natural world. Painting is time encapsulated, allowing the viewer to access a period in time as well as a connection to another person, through the object.

His new paintings from the series “Torpor” are on view until November 20, 2021.

“Torpor” refers to "a deep state of hibernation so that life may happen briefly, but with vigor in the future and when most opportune. Feeding the body and soul as quickly as possible, so we may retreat until the next brave burst of stored kinetic energy. This is the now, and the future for all civilization, as we prepare for the Anthropocene Epoch (and maybe Mars.)"

Shawn Mankowske is a Canadian abstract painter of First Nations (Southern Tutchone) descent. Shawn grew up in Whitehorse, Yukon later moving to Calgary, Alberta where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting (w/ Distinction) from the Alberta University of the Arts in 2007. Since graduating, Shawn co-founded, operated and co-directed a number of notable projects in Calgary, including; 809 Gallery, Wreck City (Epilogue for 809, Phantom Wing, Demo Tape), and Pith Gallery & Studios.


Photo credit: Jessica McCarrel


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