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High Queerdness Lending Library

Special Project

Liam O'Neill Gordon




High Queerdness Lending Library

The High Queerdness Lending Library is dedicated to maintaining an affordable, accessible, and diverse book collection for the general community. This collection allows individuals to borrow obscure esoteric books that remain unrepresented in mainstream library catalogues and retail at prices too expensive for many community members to purchase.

High Queerdness accepts all donations, without pause, keeping in mind that volunteers carefully curate the High Queerdness Lending Library.

Books with subjects related to Queer Theory, BIPOC Theory, Western Occultism, Music History, Leftist Books, Indigenous Theory, Technology, New Religions, et cetera, make up the majority of this catalogue.

High Queerdness always looks to branch into more radical collections.

High Queerdness does not accept books that celebrate hate in any of its forms, including‒but not limited to‒transphobia, homophobia, sexism, ableism, cultural appropriation, body shaming, and so on. However, High Queerdness may contain books with problematic content; many of these texts offer radical, strange, and counter-paradigmatic ideas, and the Library inherently opposes censorship. The purpose of High Queerdness is not to foster hurtful narrative structures or hateful ideologies, but rather to examine unique and interesting perspectives. Please feel free to discuss High Queerdness Lending Library's collection with its volunteers.

Liam O’Neill Gordon is passionate about projects that create opportunities for people to share skills and knowledge in an inclusive, accessible, and affordable grassroots community settings with an orientation towards justice. He co-founded the Calgary Tool Library, Tiny Beast Collective, Red Mitten Collective and the Calgary School of Informal Education/Calgary Society for Equity in Technology.


Photo credit: Jessica McCarrel

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